Grunge in the 90’s

One of the major trends to be observed in the 90’s was the grunge style or, as sometimes referred, theSeattlestyle. Grunge was basically a music movement that started in the late 80’s but was brought to the mainstream by theSeattle-based band Nirvana, and later Pearl Jam, in the 90’s. The alternative rock- indie grunge style that pervaded the 90’s defined the look of the ‘slacker’ generation. Kurt Cobain- front man of Nirvana, became an idol for hundreds thousands of teenagers of the western world and his style influenced them radically.

Just from the name of the trend, anyone can understand that we are talking about untidy and unkempt appearance and attitude, from the grunge musicians but the funs as well. Their style did not evolve by consciously attempting to create a fashion, the opposite they struggled to remain underground. Grunge bands refused to embrace the complex and high budget presence of other bands from the 80’s including both their appearance on stage and their clothing. The key characteristics of the grunge fashion are the thrift-store clothes, including the flannel shirts, the unwashed hair, baggy trousers in colour green or blue jeans, doc martens boots or converse all stars and long hair.

Many fashion designers got inspiration by the grunge movement and started presenting grunge collections on the catwalk. Such where Mark Jacobs for Perri Ellis, Anna Sui and Oscar de la Renta in their S/S collection 1993.


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