Nerd Chic in the 90’s

One of the sub-trends that started evolving in the USA during the middle 90’s was the ‘Nerd Chic’ or ‘Geek Chic’. In a time where technology started  developing and being more accessible to the masses, where people  started using computers for their jobs and e-mails as means of communication, the nerd chic style became popular for people between the ages of 20 and 30.

The nerd style was mainly adopted by cutting- edge trendsetters who believed that geeks were really smart, well educated and could reach high places in jobs. That made them feel comfortable in aspects of their own education and they where people who were guaranteed to succeed and reach a high status. Even successful writers and jocks of the time adopted the nerdish look in order to become even more successful by pretending to be losers.

The same time many movies and series were released dragging themes from the lifestyle of a real nerd, a person who is really smart, obsessed with technology and socially awkward.

Some of the key items that those people chose for their styling where big glasses, Chunky, plastic rimmed, t-shirts with electronic logo stamps, sweatshirt vests and check shirts. For women, the skirt should be A line or straight. They would always walk around with the latest technology gadgets in their hands or pockets .


By annaroditi

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