Folk- Viking metallers – 00’s

Folk metal is a music movement that takes place in the metal scene from 2000 even until today. When talking about folk, I mean the northern ancient mythology, religion and history of countries like Germany, Finland, the Scandinavia, and parts of the Scotland and Ireland. The musicians and fans of folk metal take inspiration from the Vikings, the Celtics, the Saxons and other tribes that where settled in middle Europe during early medieval, even the pirates. They believe in magical and fantasy creatures and love nature. The reason why that happens today is that people nowadays start respecting more and more the old beliefs and lifestyle, the ones that many generations before them had adopted, and this group of people want the revival of their ancestors pride.In a world where nothing is left to be called ‘new’ those people look back in times and create a new wave. After the musical section of Viking style, there where also many movies released based on the same or similar topics.

What is very interesting about folk metallers is that support a certain style that comes back from the medieval years, in such a true and exact way. They wear lots of fur wherever possible- like boots gloves and big fur collars, destroyed leather skirts, trousers and tops many of them dye they face and body with red acrylic colour that reminds of blood, so that they look like they came back from a battle. Accessories they usually wear are metallic and carved in Nordic knot motives and runes, big leather wristbands  and a Thor’s hammer necklace.


Roditi, A.,2012. My personal experiences on Viking metal lifestyle.[speech](personal experiences, 18 Mar 2012)

By annaroditi

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